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Paolo Di Sabatino – Piano
Christian Galvez – Bass
Dennis Chambers – Drums


The super-elite rhythm section in the project of the famous pianist!

Trace Elements - the so-called project of Italian keyboard player Paolo Di Sabatino, in which he invites various artists in the rhythm section. (By the way, the project name is translated as "micronutrients" and says that the music - the same pervasive part of our life, such as water or air.)

The current round will be held in the super company of the world-renowned drummer Dennis Chambers and the famous Chilean bassist Christian Gálvez . On the uniqueness of the tandem (and each luminary individually!) Easily read on the Web, but their space level can be assessed only at a live concert.

All three musicians have traveled half the world, has long proved themselves as masters with their own vision of the music. Everyone knows how easily and skillfully come to the fore, to demonstrate a phenomenal technique, sense of melody and rhythm. With the same ease, they join their parties into a single stream of sound.

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