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Graduated B.A. in Professional Musicianship from The British and Irish Institute of Modern Music in Brighton, United Kingdom.

Composition style and playing techniques are inspired from genres like Flamenco, Classical Indian, Irish Folk, Contemporary Fingerstlye, and Progressive Rock.

Siddhartho has showcased his work at various intimate curated music events in The United Kingdom and in India with his most notable association with the world renowned 'Sofar sessions' in Mumbai and Bangalore. 

He continues to compose and create Acoustic Fingerstyle music and recently finished 2 new untitled pieces which he will perform on his upcoming gigs.


"I have dug deep and hard into the depths of my soul to find the purest essence, a voice of my own,

the truest 'me' that have ever known.

This is my life, my day and my night, fruits of the seeds I had sown.

I urge you to listen, immerse your senses and allow the music to take you on a journey,

That unravels the most primal layers of your being, and unearths a piece of you,

the truest 'you' that you have ever known." 

-Siddhartho Poddar


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