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Lauren Henderson is a jazz and Latin jazz vocalist and composer from Massachusetts. Henderson's Caribbean and Latin Heritage are central themes in her original music and performance.  Lauren's eclectic vocal influences spread across genres. Her Afro-Latin influence aids her in producing a distinct yet versatile sound. Lauren's diverse musical background is rooted in jazz and expands to rhythm and blues, Latin, soul, nuevo-flamenco and many other forms.  She has composed, performed, studied and directed music in the United States and internationally.  Her travels are always incorporated in her compositions.


Currently based in both New York and Miami, She has performed at various clubs and participated in workshops around the city including: Millesime of the famous, Carlton Hotel, where she has a Thursday Night Residency. She has had the opportunity to study and perform with legendary and influential musicians like Barry Harris at the Barry Harris Workshop and Grammy-Nominated Vocalist, Jane Monheit, and pianist, Michael Kanan.

Having earned degrees in both Music and Hispanic Studies, Lauren continues to combine her love for music and culture. While living in Puebla, México she studied the traditional music of the Yucatán and popular music throughout the country at Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Through her international piano and voice studies, she worked on developing her musicianship. In Córdoba, España she studied flamenco and the similarities it shares with jazz. An avid nuevo-flamenco listener, Lauren often quotes the new and popular sounds of various countries while nurturing the roots of classic forms.

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