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Camélia Ben Naceur - keyboard | Roger Biwandu – drums | Nolwenn Leizour - upright bass


Camélia Ben Naceur is born in Lourdes, a small town in the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains area. 


She started learning music at five, studying many various instruments like guitar, accordion, trumpet, alto saxophone and drums but she decided finally to focus on the piano after listening "The Goldberg Variations" interpreted by the fantastic pianist Glenn Gould. Caméliaʼs professor at that time was Robert Kaddouch and she studied with him from 18 to 26 years old a large panel of classical composers... 


After her classical studies she moved to the Jazz world and played briefly or for a more long time with many great musicians like Clark Terry, Sam Newsome, Mark Turner, Roger "Kemp" Biwandu (One of the Joe Zawinul latest drummer), Rosario Giuliani, Jean-Marie Ecay to just name a few and the one and only amazing and famous American drummer Billy Cobham which hired her in his own band in October 2009.

July 7th 2018 is a very special event, Camélia played at the Minsk Jazz Festival introducing her brand new compositions to the public with Nolwenn Leizour on double bass and Roger Biwandu on drums, the concert was burning !!! Camélia Ben Naceur is known to be very intensely rhythmic and super powerful on stage so, if youʼre not afraid of this kind of high energy level, donʼt hesitate to book her and her band, you will not be disappointed!
She will be touring this fall in Chile with amazing musicians like Christian Galvez on double bass and Ronald Baez on drums, and in Europe and Eastern countries with her great friends Nolwenn Leizour and Roger Biwandu, donʼt miss them on tour !!!!

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